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Corporate Principles
Promote the industry and human society Create happiness for employees and families
Corporate Spirits
Honest Responsible Innovative Patriotic
Corporate Style
Talk the fair talk, Do the real work, Pursue the actual effect
Corporate Development
Seek attention through elaboration, Build brand by technology
Corporate Values
Take a unique path, Make innovations, Take up the challenge
Talent Philosophy
Talents are people who do their job well.
Management Philosophy
Everyone fulfills his duty and meets the standards.
Business Philosophy
Honesty First, Serve Society,Quality Foremost, Develop together with customers
Codes of Conduct
Rigour, Diligence, Earnest, Dedication,Loyalty, Courtesy, Unity, Contribution
  • Enterprise tenet
    For the industry to promote human progress, to create happiness for the staff for their families
  • enterprise style
    To tell the truth, to do practical things, to seek actual results
  • Enterprise values
    Go your own way of innovation Yongpangaofeng
  • management idea
    To serve the social quality based on sincerity is the growth of life with the customer
  • Enterprise spirit
    Good faith responsibility innovation country
  • Enterprise development
    Casting brand with great science and technology
  • Talent idea
    A good job is a talent
  • Talent idea
    A good job is a talent
  • Code of conduct
    Diligence, diligence, devotion, devotion and dedication
  • enterprise style
    Making progress for the industry for human beings and creating happiness for their employees for their families