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The Pingdingshan Institute of horticultural science is a comprehensive scientific research unit which integrates scientific research, production and popularization. Mainly engaged in vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, green seedlings breeding research, experimental demonstration, promotion and application and so on.
has a scientific experimental Park, research and production department, quality education department, human resources department, financial management department, stylistic life department, logistical support department, security department and administrative office.
put leek breeding and industrialization development into a national green name card, do, do qiangjiu star brand, which has scientific research, production base of 10000 acres, built the country's largest leek, onion research and production center. It also has a scientific laboratory building. It has the first constant temperature room, tissue culture room, laboratory, experimental instrument, solar greenhouse and other infrastructure facilities. Excellent and abundant breeding materials and other materials have laid a good material foundation for scientific development.
has achieved gratifying achievements in agricultural research and innovation work under the support of all levels of city leaders, relevant departments and national research institutes. Over the past 40 years, all researchers adhering to the "a seed can change a world" concept, summer winter, rain, various breeding methods using make painstaking efforts, space, physics and chemistry of modern high technology and traditional technology combined has bred leek, onion, radish, ginger, pepper, tomato, cucumber, cowpea, spinach and other more than 60 new varieties. In particular, the series of 26 varieties of leek have been extended to 31 provinces (cities and districts) in China.
Long Star No. 1 leek new varieties, in 1995 won the "Gold Award" in 2000 won the national seed conference, twenty-first Century international agricultural science and technology achievements Oscar, and load Chinese agricultural science and Technology Publishing House of the "7315 second generation of greenhouse vegetable cultivation technology" of a book;
chives 10, a new variety of chives, was formally approved by the Henan crop variety Approval Committee in 2001 and won the scientific and Technological Achievement Award.
Long Star No. 11 new varieties of leek crossbreed, in 2000 won the twenty-first Century international agricultural science and technology achievements oscar;
Long Star No. 16 leek new varieties, fill in our country at present Chinese chive cold resistant varieties with dark green leaves blank, in 2010 through the provincial variety identification, 2014 was officially identified as the Henan provincial science and technology achievement; reached the advanced level of domestic research, the domestic leading level in the breeding of new varieties of leek using chemical mutagenesis technology. In 2013, it was awarded the two prize for the popularization of provincial scientific and technological achievements.
Long Star 18 is a new variety of cold resistant leek, which is officially identified by provincial varieties in 2010, and won the second prize for popularization of scientific and technological achievements in 2016.
chives 19, a new variety of chives, was formally identified by the municipal level in 2011 and won the city science and Technology Progress Award in 2012.
Jiu Xing 23, a new leek variety, was recognized by the provincial science and technology office in 2012 as independent intellectual property and reached the leading level of similar research in China. In 2013, it was recognized as the scientific and technological achievement of Henan province. In 2014, it was awarded the first prize of Pingdingshan Science and technology progress. The popularization and application of new varieties of
chives 19, 23 and 25 will fill the blank of the new varieties of Chinese leek.
so far, long star formation, leek dormancy dormancy, cold hardiness, heat resistance, wide leaf, narrow leaf, sheath, root, root sheath, short white series of varieties, to meet China's various protected and open field cultivation mode and a variety of different living habits, to meet the annual supply of leek Market the. Thus, it has made a positive contribution to the formation and maintenance of the variety of leek in the breeding pattern of "China in the world and Pingdingshan in China".
at present, the Institute has fully realized the present stage of the "Chinese leek, long star excellent and complete" breeding goal.
in order to make the results of our research to better serve the people, promote economic development, we have created the "Pingdingshan science and Technology Park, it sets the leek" "leek new variety show" and "China leek cultivation technology demonstration" as a whole, since the park opened, the reception of the country's 26 provinces (cities, districts). The government, experts, scientific research, promotion and other aspects of people come to visit the park!
scallion breeding:
"Jinhai 1", in 2014, was awarded the first new Green Onion Variety approved by the Ministry of agriculture for the protection of new varieties of plants. On the basis of breeding new varieties of "Jinhai 1" scallion, through many years of painstaking research, it has developed a series of new varieties of scallion, which are especially cold resistant, high yield and special disease resistance. No. 2 and No. 3 in Ping Yuan, which had been identified by Henan Province in 2015.
the breeding expert and a scientific research worker, has written the "star 10" long cold leek, leek "new varieties of Long Star No. 16", "special cold leek new varieties of Long Star No. 18", "Long Star giant pepper breeding report" and other articles published in the "Chinese vegetables",